What happens during the massage?

The massage therapist will warm up your muscles using a lighter touch. Once you’re warmed up, they’ll start working on your problem areas. They’ll use deep kneading and stroking with varying amounts of intense pressure.

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Relaxing Massage Therapy

The fast pace of life, when you want to keep up with all work and deadlines, difficulties in family relationships, and endless household worries usually cause chronic fatigue in people. This is explained by emotional mood swings, insomnia, tense body, chronic stress, breakdowns, and even depression. A relaxing massage of the whole body is an ideal solution in the fight against psycho-emotional tension and physical fatigue. It is a useful and, at the same time, pleasant way to recover, gain strength, and return to normal life.

Do you want to carry out body therapy to get rid of bad moods and fatigue?

A difficult flight, a business conference, or a family holiday is tiring enough. After important events, it is necessary to freshen your mind and your body up. The Molfars team of massage therapists offers procedures for complete relaxation, harmony with the surrounding world, and restoration of physical and moral state before or after an important event. We care about the comfort of our customers, so in order to save their time and effort, we will come to their homes, hotel, or office.

If you are not feeling well, we are always ready to provide assistance in the form of SPA near-me procedures. We will visit you for complete immersion in the world of relaxation and peace during the massage. In the process, you will enjoy a comfortable environment, music, oils, aromas, and a massage therapist’s experience. Thanks to slow, calm movements, your body will completely relax, the nervous system will calm down, and emotions will calm down. Such a massage is not only about relaxation but also health improvement, as a result of which the body is rejuvenated, blood circulation improves, the body acquires the right muscle tone, blood pressure normalizes, headaches disappear, etc.

Molfars offers the lowest cost for restoring your body

Molfars is always near me, so it is the best that can happen to your body. Using movements and points, a qualified specialist stretches and relaxes muscles compressed from tension, restores their flexibility and elasticity, and relieves fatigue and pain.

The prices of our therapist’s services depend on the type of massage, the use of additional attributes, and the location of the client. However, they are much lower than in Las Vegas salons. If you need a consultation, call us at +1 725 254 7222. We will be happy to help with the normalization of the nervous system’s activity, getting rid of chronic pain and spasms, rejuvenation, stimulation of blood and lymph flow, prevention of diseases, increasing the elasticity of muscle tissues, and more.



Couples Massage full body from head to toes, medium touch.

  • sports injuries
  • fibromyalgia
  • plantar fasciitis
  • high blood pressure
  • sciatica

Single person

Massage is a type of massage that takes place on an traditional massage chair, designed to take the weight off the spine and give easy access to the head, neck, back, shoulders and arms.

It is designed to relax the muscles and improve flexibility and movement.The massage is most commonly done over the clothes and does not require oils or creams.

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