Swedish Massage Explanation

Do you often hear about a Swedish massage performed by specialists and want to learn more about it? This technique is based on the profound influence of touch on soft tissues, muscles and joints, and can bring the body to consciousness in just one session. Molfars are massage therapists who have been using this technique as part of their practice for many years. Thanks to specialized knowledge and their professional skills, they know how to relax, stimulate blood circulation, and stretch muscles so that your body will thank you.


Do you want to know more about this deep pressure massage for the body?

First of all, it is worth understanding the meaning of the term “Swedish massage”. So let’s start with the fact that this type of massage was named after Per Henrik Linnaeus, the Swedish physiotherapist who developed and systematized its methods. The massage involves a unique system of actions that offer deep penetration of the indicated points of the body. Its purpose is to stretch the vascular and nerve bundles, eliminate compactions and relieve muscle tension.

What exactly is a “Swedish massage” in practice? This is a classic approach to therapy aimed at improving physical condition, restoring psycho-emotional balance and harmony with the surrounding world. It excellently performs the function of lymphatic drainage, muscle relaxation, pain reduction, stress, and anxiety reduction.

Here is an explanation of what the techniques of this massage are based on:

  • Stimulation – light vibrations and thermal movements at the beginning of the session help to prepare the muscles for a deep massage;
  • Deep movements – including rubbing and kneading the muscles, promoting their relaxation and improving blood circulation;
  • In-depth stretching – helps increase flexibility and muscle relaxation;
  • Pressure – to relieve tension and stress in the muscles.


Now that we’ve explained the theory, we suggest that you try it in practice.

The above definition of the term “Swedish massage” gives you an idea of the theory of this technique. Now we offer you the chance to experience it in practice so you can see the benefits for yourself. The procedures performed by our massage therapists bring exceptional relaxation and pleasant sensations to the body while relieving insomnia, chronic pain, signs of aging, fatigue, stress, and depression. Feel free to contact our manager for more detailed information.

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