What is Deep Tissue Massage

Many believe that massage is about relaxing movements and rubbing the body to soothing music with a pleasant aroma in the atmosphere. In part, this is true. But we want to discover the essence of the sessions from therapeutic side. After all, a deep tissue massage is good for those who are tolerant of pain. This method targets areas of stiffness or cramps, by applying concentrated pressure on the sublayer of the muscles and fascia – the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles.


A brief description of the treatment procedures

In order not to shock you with words about pain, we have prepared a brief description of what a deep tissue massage is. First of all, it’s a powerful and effective massage method that can bring improvements in health and well-being. Compared to other techniques, this type of therapy is aimed at working with muscle groups, allowing you to achieve relaxation, relieve tension and restore the body.

During the session, the masseur uses intense pressure and movements aimed at relieving tension, restoring muscle mobility and improving blood circulation. During a deep tissue massage, various techniques are used, including ankle massage,  compression, stretching and vibration. The specialist applies intense pressure to penetrate the deeper layers of the muscles, disintegrating muscle nodes and relieving tension in the process. It helps to improve blood circulation, promotes the release of toxins from tissues and promotes healing of injuries.


Specialist who will conduct effective therapeutic therapy

How do you benefit from the movements of a therapist?

  • Relieving muscle tension (it’s especially useful for people suffering from chronic tension or muscle dysfunction);
  • Pain relief (favors the release of endorphins, natural analgesics that help reduce pain);
  • Recovery from injury;
  • Posture improvement (by relaxing and stretching the muscles that affect the correct position of the body);
  • Stimulation of blood circulation (improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles and organs).

If you are looking for a way to improve your health and well-being, an deep tissue massage is a great option for you. Always make sure to contact a qualified masseur who has experience in conducting deep tissue massages. Before the procedure, the specialist will determine the purpose of such a massage and select the best technique to obtain the desired therapeutic effect, and at the same time not to overstimulate the tissues.

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