Swedish Versus Deep Tissue Massage

When choosing a massage procedure, people often need clarification about the different names and application techniques. In this article, we want to clarify and explain the difference between a Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage. While both are very useful and effective, the execution process differs when it comes to the pressure of impact, technique, area of execution, etc.


Do you want to know the difference between a deep tissue and Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is a classic therapy that affects the body’s deep tissues. It is performed in cases of muscle tension caused by everyday activities such as sitting at a computer, carrying a child, or monotonous performance of work tasks. It is softer to the touch meaning that you get incredible relaxation and tension relief. It’s mostly an interaction on the back, shoulders, and neck.

When comparing deep tissue massage to a Swedish massage, it can be said that it’s more brutal. This type of massage is suitable for athletes and people with injuries. Due to the special effects on muscles, tendons, and dense connective tissue. The movements of both massages can be repeated, but in the case of the second, they are performed with more pressure, and sometimes it can be painful.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, we suggest understanding the difference in practice. We invite you to try a massage session from a Molfars specialists and allow your body to recover, be energized, and rest.

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