Swedish Massage for Pregnant

One of the most regular users of massage sessions are pregnant women. These are vulnerable women whose bodies are under great stress. It’s particularly beneficial to undergo therapy to facilitate the process of carrying a child and balance the psycho-emotional state as well as painful sensations. For example, a “Swedish massage” can provide comfort, relaxation, and relief of physical discomfort while pregnant. However, before starting the session, getting advice from a doctor or obstetrician is essential to ensure that such a procedure is safe for you.


What massage techniques can be performed when pregnant?

Swedish Massage techniques are ideal for pregnancy because, in the process, painful areas will be treated, namely the back and lower back, neck and shoulders, legs and arms. Depending on the request and wishes of the client, the therapy will be carried out in the position of lying on the side with the support of pillows under the stomach and head or by sitting down. If any position or movement causes discomfort, it is vital to inform the massage therapist immediately.

A massage in the first trimester is performed with the aim of offering physical recovery, emotional relief, and the relaxation of nerve endings. In the third trimester, it serves as both a benefit and preparation for childbirth. The body experiences an increased load during the period of carrying a child, therefore a high-quality massage performed by true salon professionals will help eliminate any discomfort and pain.


Can you can have a massage while expecting a baby?

It is important that a massage for pregnant women is safe and comfortable for both the woman and her future child. With that in mind, it’s vital that all actions are performed with caution and by a qualified specialist. Molfars massage therapists know which areas need special attention and how to avoid discomfort or risk. Would you like to order a Swedish Massage service or learn more about it? Contact us online or by phone at a convenient time.

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