Sports Massage for Back & Neck Pain

A sports massage can effectively relieve back and neck pain, particularly if the problem is related to muscle tension, spinal conditions, or injuries. However, before starting any therapy or treatment, it is essential to consult a doctor or qualified professional to determine the cause of the pain and ensure that a sports massage is a safe and appropriate option.


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Molfars performs various types of massages with a visit to the client’s home, office, hotel, or sports clubs. Specialists select suitable techniques and methods depending on your condition. Stretching and relaxation therapy eases muscle tension and improves circulation while helping to reduce inflammation through lymphatic drainage, which can reduce pain. Slight aggravation may occur after a sports massage for lower back pain, but it doesn’t usually last for long. In this case, listening to your body and informing the massage therapist of any discomfort or concerns is essential. A sports massage should only be part of a comprehensive approach in the treatment of back and neck pain. Physiotherapy, stretching, muscle-strengthening exercises, and lifestyle changes are all essential to achieving positive results.

Pain should never be underestimated. The causes of pain in the lumbar region of the back or shoulders are mostly caused by lifestyle. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle, perform monotonous work for 8 hours, or overwork their bodies – can easily fall into the circle of those who suffer from pain. If you want to ease your physical and psycho-emotional condition and forget about regular joint and muscle pain, sign up for a massage from one of Molfars’ professional therapists.

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