Sport Massage Simple Meaning

The simple meaning of “sports massage” is a procedure aimed at maintaining and improving the physical training of athletes, preventing injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and improving sleep. It is an effective technique that includes a variety of therapy and stretching techniques to relieve tension, improve flexibility, and accelerate recovery after training and competition.

The primary and basic rule is therapy for athletes. It is also possible for amateurs to perform it, but more carefully and with less load. As a result, the risk of injury in everyday life will be significantly reduced, posture will improve, and a feeling of ease of movement and flexibility will appear.

If you have an essential sports-related event coming up, or it has already passed, and you need specialist therapy, Molfars will be happy to help you. Our professional massage therapist will visit your home, club, hotel, or any other place to perform a high-quality sports massage. For example, for cyclists and skaters, the duration of the chest and arm muscle massage is reduced, but the duration of the leg muscle massage will be increased. The total time of the sports massage remains constant.


 A Molfars masseur will show in practice what a Sports Massage is

We invite you to use the out-of-home therapy services from Molfars to find out exactly what a sports massage is. Regular use will help prevent injuries, as it improves the flexibility and elasticity of muscles and reduces the risk of sprains and overstrains. It also promotes the removal of excess metabolic products and toxins from the muscles.

Melt away stress with Molfars massage at home, hotel or office