Organic Massage Therapy

Organic massage is equated to therapeutic massage, meaning it positively impacts the human body. The Molfars masters conduct therapy to improve the client’s physical and mental well-being by applying various massage techniques. This service is top-rated due to its health benefits and overall well-being and the convenience of having a specialist come to you in response to the “massage near me” request.


The effect obtained from therapy significantly exceeds its cost.

During the execution of organic massage, the master positively influences the body using particular movements, pressure points and stretches. It relaxes tense muscles, restoring flexibility and elasticity, relieving fatigue and pain. The technique of execution is chosen in advance based on your complaints and preferences, each of which has its indications and contraindications. You can schedule a preliminary consultation regarding therapy with our manager.

The mobile massage service allows you to experience all the benefits of therapeutic procedures outside the salon, wherever you feel comfortable: at the office, at home, or during a hotel stay. Our massage therapists perform massage and spa procedures, resulting in exceptional relaxation, pleasant sensations, relief from chronic pain, excess weight, cellulite, signs of aging, fatigue, stress, depression, and insomnia.


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On our website or by phone with our manager, you can request a specific type of personal massage or surprise a loved one by organizing a couple’s massage. The cost of our services depends on the kind of therapy and your location. The procedure uses all necessary attributes, techniques, and auxiliary materials. If you need consultation, call us at +1 725 254 7222. We’ll be happy to help normalize your condition, improve the functioning of the nervous system, and relieve pain and worries.

Melt away stress with Molfars massage at home, hotel or office