Massage for Back & Neck Pain

Back and neck pain has become a burden of modern life for many people. Monotonous work, poor lifestyle and stress, improper sitting, constantly looking at a laptop or phone can lead to tension and pain in these areas of the body. One of the most effective ways to alleviate your suffering and provide recovery is a massage for the neck and back. Molfars offers effective restoration of well-being and health, as well as mental relaxation and emotional regulation of one’s condition.


Do you want to order a therapist to lower the feeling of pain?

Back and neck pain can have a variety of causes, including muscle tension, stress, poor posture, injuries, or illness. This pain can be limiting and negatively affect your quality of life. In this case, a full body massage is an effective way to remedy and relieve such pain. What do you get as a result of regular sessions?

  • Muscle relaxation (allows you to reduce pain and improve mobility);
  • Improve blood circulation (stimulates blood circulation, which promotes the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues of the back and neck);
  • Relieving stress (promotes the production of endorphins – natural analgesics and “hormones of happiness” that help relieve stress, improve anxiety and promote an overall sense of well-being);
  • Improve posture (therapeutic massage for the body helps to relax and stretch the muscles that affect proper body posture).

Therapy for pain relief of the back and neck near me

Molfars perform massages for lower back  pain, the neck, and etc. to help restore you to full health. We work to revitalise you so you can fulfill your own goals and desires, and not be constantly suffering from poor health. During the sessions, the following therapy techniques can be performed:

  • Swedish massage. This is the most common type of massage, involving various techniques such as smooth movements, rubbing, light knocking and squeezing. It helps relieve tension and improve blood circulation.
  • Acupressure. This technique aims to work with pressure points called “trigger points”. It helps to relax muscles and relieve pain in specific areas of the back and neck.
  • Deep tissue massage: This type of massage is aimed at working with deep muscles and connective tissue. It helps to relieve tension, while improving blood circulation and mobility.

If you suffer from back and neck pain, consider seeing a qualified massage therapist for relief and relaxation. Do you want to get the best result without even having to leave your own home? If so, book a visit from a Molfars specialist. At a convenient day and time for you, a specialist will come and provide you with complete rehabilitation.

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