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Do you need a massage today? Molfars specialists can make this happen even in such a big city like Las Vegas. Why? Because we provide mobile services that save you both time and resources. As a result, you get real pleasure from healing the soul and body, relief from stress and tension, as well as improved blood circulation and general well-being.


Do you need therapyto help relieve physical tension?

One of the most popular requested massages is the swedish massage. This is a classic European massage that focuses on the upper layer of muscles. This system is aimed at treating joints and ligaments, improving blood circulation, which as a result gives a significant improvement in well-being, getting rid of stress and depression, and regulating thought processes.

Do you need a massage today? If so, Molfars is a team of specialists that provide field massage services. We are always nearby and ready to carry out the best therapy for you. The basis includes stroking (5-7%), rubbing (60-70%), kneading (10-15 %) and vibration (20-30%), which as a result relieves physical overstrain, puts spasmsin order, and alleviates emotional overexertion. The Swedish massage comes from the techniques, elements and forms of the ancient Greeks, Romans and Chinese. The procedure is based on work from the limbs to the center of the body.It starts with a back massage and ends with a head massage.


The best services and lowest prices near you

Massage appointments are available, so feel free to contact us right away. Our specialist will gladly come to your home, office or hotel to carry out the procedure of delivering complete relaxation, the reunion of the soul and body, as well as the restoration of your physical and emotional condition before or after an important event. If you leave a request online or contact our manager to book a place, you will receive high-quality therapy at a great price. If you still have questions or need advice, call +1 725 254 7222.

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