Massage Therapist Hiring

Molfars is a company that provides professional therapy services for restoring the body and spirit. You can order masseur services from us. Our specialist will come to your home, office, or hotel to conduct a procedure of complete relaxation, as well as restoring the physical and psycho-emotional state before or after an important event. The effect of recovery consists of activating many processes that improve human health: massages relax muscle tissue, restore the activity of internal organs, and improve blood circulation.

We offer high-quality in-home massage services. Our expert will come to you, creating an atmosphere of relaxation in the place of your choosing. The familiar space and your sense of well-being will allow you to relax as much as possible and therefore get the most out of the therapy. For this, a special table will be prepared, music will be played, and the pleasant aroma of oils will fill the room. Our therapists always perform massages with complete attention to detail.

If you take advantage of this offer from Molfars, there will be no need to think about travelling to the spa. Our specialists will arrive at your home or hotel with all the necessary materials and equipment. You and your partner can enjoy a home massage in complete privacy and comfort. The massage therapist will use various techniques, for example, deep pressure, kneading, relaxation and stretching, vibrations, and tapping. After the session, you will feel the awakening of your body and the influx of energy, as well as psycho-emotional relief.

To hire a therapist, leave a request on our website or contact our manager by phone. If you have any questions or need advice, call +1 725 254 7222.

Melt away stress with Molfars massage at home, hotel or office