Deep Tissue Massage for Back & Neck

Just imagine how monotonous work with poor posture can affect our health… Not to mention constantly looking at the phone or working at the laptop in bed… The result of this is almost always the same – back and neck pain, limited movement, headaches, etc. One of the most effective ways to relieve pain and improve back and neck function is by having a deep tissue massage.


What are the features of therapy for lower muscle pain?

Deep tissue massage is a powerful therapy technique aimed at working with deep layers of muscles and connective tissue. In the process of its implementation, intense pressure and touch are made to penetrate into the deeper layers of the muscles, this relaxes them, improves blood circulation and relieves tension. Deep tissue massage can be especially effective in cases of chronic pain and tension in the back and neck.

Having regular sessions will help with the following:

  • Remove cramps and  relax muscles, which as a result will help relieve pain and restore mobility;
  • Improve blood circulation and deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues;
  • Deep tissue massage will relieve pain and discomfort in the neck;
  • It will also improve flexibility and mobility by relaxing and stretching the muscles, which as a result will positively affect posture and reduce the risk of further injuries.

What is the cost of a massage therapist in Las Vegas?

The cost of services provided by our team is quite low compared to competitors’ pricesin the Las Vegas area. Each procedure is carried out using all the necessary attributes and additional materials. Before the procedure, the specialist will determine the purpose of such a massage before choosing the right technique to produce a therapeutic effect and at the same time not excessively stimulate the tissues.

You can find out the cost of your chosen type of massage from our team of consultants by contacting them online, by phone, or through social networks. The professional and caring hands of Molfars’ masseurs will help each visitor to not only completely relax, but also quickly get rid of many types of pain. If you would like to order cheap therapy near you or if you have any questions or need advice, call +1 725 254 7222.

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